Academy Guidelines for Corporate Sponsors

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics welcomes corporate relationships that help the Academy fulfill its mission and vision in the following ways:

  • Delivering Academy-approved nutrition messages to a wider consumer audience than the Academy could reach using its own resources.
  • Providing Academy-approved educational tools and materials to Academy members that are useful in their professional work with the public.
  • Creating consumer nutrition education messages and communications programs to make them consistent with sound science and Academy positions and philosophies.

In its relations with corporate organizations, the Academy is mindful of the need to avoid a perception of conflict of interest and to act at all times in ways that will only enhance the credibility and professional recognition of the Academy and its members. The continuing value of the Academy's name depends on its reputation for integrity, which has been earned by generations of Academy members over the course of many decades. The Academy will authorize no commercial use of the name and logo that would diminish that value or damage that reputation.

The Academy's procedures and formal agreements with external organizations are designed to prevent any undue corporate influence particularly where there is a possibility that corporate self-interest might tend to conflict with sound science or Academy positions, policies and philosophies.

Academy Guidelines for Corporate Sponsors

  • The sponsor's vision and mission align with the Academy's Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals.
  • The sponsor's product portfolio is broadly aligned with the Academy's Vision: Optimizing health through food and nutrition.
  • The sponsor relationship and sponsor product portfolio are broadly aligned with official Academy positions.
  • All aspects of the sponsorship (such as research, consumer messaging or professional education of members) align with the Academy's Scientific Integrity Principles.
  • The Academy does not endorse any company, brand or company products, nor does the Academy's name or logo appear on any product. Such endorsement is neither actual nor implied.
  • The Academy maintains final editorial control and approval of all content in materials bearing the Academy name or logo.
  • There is clear separation of Academy messages and content from brand information or promotion.
  • Relevant facts and important information are included.

As a rule, the Academy does not permit the free use of Academy content in publications or websites where the effect of the Academy content and name is to help the publication or website increase circulation or sell advertising or subscriptions.