An Active Community of Professionals Sharing Knowledge, Skills and Ideas

Affiliate, DPG and MIG-Sponsored Meetings
Many state organizations, dietetic practice groups (DPGs) and member interest groups (MIGs) sponsor professional education and networking opportunities. State associations sponsor local continuing education programs, networking opportunities, scholarship fundraising efforts and more. Membership in one affiliate of your choice is included with your Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics membership

Dietetic Practice Groups (DPGs)
Join one or more of the Academy's professional-interest groups and update your specialized knowledge, share practice tips and establish relationships with colleagues around the world. A total of 28 DPGs cover areas from general wellness and weight management to food service management and complementary care

Member Interest Groups (MIGs)
Join an Academy MIG to connect with other food and nutrition professionals with common interests, issues or backgrounds. MIGs reflect the characteristics of the Academy's membership and the public it serves.

Connect with your peers via national, affiliate (state) and DPG/MIG mentoring programs or participate in the Academy’s eMentoring system available to all members. Mentors and mentees can search based on geographic location, practice area, languages spoken, years of experience and much more.