Multimedia News Center

From National Nutrition Month® media materials to Academy infographics depicting men's health and the hungry and overweight paradox, media and consumers, alike, can download and share the wealth of food and nutrition information from the Academy.

For the auditory audience, visit EatRight Radio with food and nutrition experts — Academy Spokespeople — providing quality sound bites of eating right tips. And, for a more visual experience, watch one of the Academy's numerous videos discussing the role of registered dietitian nutritionists in bettering the health of the public with topics covering the importance of eating right for your lifestyle and choosing food for special diets.

The Academy provides a syndicated content section to give media outlets — in addition to members and the general public — accurate, evidence-based food and nutrition information. These timeless articles cover a wide range of topics from Kids Eat Right, as well as general themes expressing the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and fitness habits.