Academy Groups

Sharing ideas and building relationships with colleagues is a mutually beneficial process that helps expand your knowledge and advance your career. The Academy facilitates peer-to-peer communication by offering a number of different venues for networking among members.

Dietetic Practice Groups (DPGs): These professional interest groups enable members to enhance their specialized knowledge, share practice tips, and establish relationships with colleagues from all over the world. DPGs include a vast array of specialties, such as Diabetes Care and Education, Food and Culinary Professionals, Weight Management, Women’s Health, Pediatric Nutrition, Health Aging and more.

Member Interest Groups (MIGs): MIGs are groups of Academy members who have common interests, issues or backgrounds. Unlike dietetic practice groups or affiliates, MIGs focus on areas other than the practice or geographic location and reflect the many characteristics of the Academy's membership and the public it serves.

Affiliate Dietetic Associations: The Academy's state-level associations sponsor local education programs, networking opportunities, scholarship fundraising efforts and more. Membership in your local affiliate is included in your Academy membership.

eMentoring Program: This online program is designed to match Academy mentors to mentees easily and accurately, while flexibly fitting around their unique schedules and communication styles. All participants have to do is complete an online profile to be added to the Academy's eMentoring database. The system will then use the mentee's profile information to suggest available mentor matches who best fit their selected areas of interest, practice, geographic location, number of years in the field, languages spoken and even preferred communication style. Mentees reach out to potential mentors through the platform's built-in email or instant message features, and from there the nature and scope of their mentoring experience is totally up to them.