Structure for Research Activities at the Academy

The Research, International and Scientific Affairs strategic plan lays out a roadmap for advancing the profession by supporting and encouraging nutrition and dietetics research and providing innovative resources that empower practitioners to implement evidence-based practice.

The Academy supports research and evidence-based practice by:

  • Providing tools, resources and other support to organizations, individuals, members and staff who design or conduct practice-based nutrition and dietetics research
  • Recruiting nutrition and dietetics professionals from diverse backgrounds, experience and perspectives to engage in research activities and collect outcomes data
  • Disseminating practice-based nutrition and dietetics research results to professionals and the public through a variety of media, including peer-reviewed publications, in-person presentations and online resources
  • Promoting best practices for data collection to ensure that electronic data can be applied to a variety of research settings
  • Collaborating and communicating with stakeholders.

The Academy's many research-related activities are coordinated by the Council on Research, which includes representatives from the Evidence-Based Practice Committee, the Dietetics Practice Based Research Network Oversight Committee and the Nutrition Care Process and Terminology Committee.

Academy Council on Research Committee Structure

  • Council on Research

    The Council on Research was formed in 2014 to coordinate communication and align the Academy’s research efforts. Read More